miércoles, marzo 28, 2007

hitchhiker guide to the galaxy

un poco del libro que estoy leyendo , esta genial....
the coastline runs west, and then turns north up to the misty bay of san francisco, which the guide describes as a good place to go.
It's very easy to believe that everyone you meet there also is a space traveler. starting a new religion for you is just their way of saying hi. Until you've settled in and got the hang of the place it's best to say "no" to three question out of any given four that anyone may ask you,because there are some very strange things going on there, some of which an unsuspecting alien could die of
The hundreds of curling miles o cliffs and sand, palm trees, breakers, and sunsets are described in the guide as "boffo. A good ones"
tips for aliens in new york, Land anywhere no one will care or indeed even notice.
Surviving: get a job as a cabdriver immediately. a cabdriver's job is to drive people anywhere they want to go in big yellow machines called taxis. Don't worry if you don't know how the machine works and you can't speak the language, don't understand the geography or indeed the basic physics of the area, and have a large green antennae growing out of your head, believe me this is the best way of staying inconspicuous.
if your body is really weird try showing it to people in the streets for money.
having fun: this is the big section. It is impossible to have more fun without electrocuting your pleasure center...

es del libro so long and thanks for all the fish, el cuarto libro de la trilogia de hitchhiker, que se ha vuelto un clasico de los geeks, sarcasmo, ciencia ficcion no mames, excelente...

hitchiker guide to the galaxy wikipedia

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el chilango dijo...

yo nomás ví la película, y sí, es buenísisima, dicen que se mantiene bien fiel al libro.
vela ya!


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